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Resul’s high on European film made in India


ndian film sound designer Resul Pookutty has worked on a film about the life of renowned Norwegian actor, Liv Ullman. What is interesting to note is that the mixing, background music, editing and sound design of this film, for which Pookutty is the sound designer, has been done in Mumbai. 


Pookutty believes that this film, Liv And Ingmar, which will be screened at the IIFA Awards in Singapore on Friday, is India’s leap to the next global level. “It is a completely European film, made in India,” he says. 


“The idea for the film was given by Dheeraj (director Dheeraj Akolkar), who read Changing — Liv Ullmann’s autobiography,” he adds. 


According to Pookutty, Liv and Ingmar is a tale of two friends, and a relationship of many years. “All the incidents go beyond human idea. It can happen in anybody’s life, has a kind of universal appeal,” he says.


“Liv was crying when she saw the docu-fiction feature, as she got so moved by how creatively and how well we have developed her story,” says Pookutty, who wanted music director A.R. Rahman, his friend and colleague in the industry, to score the music for this film. “But Rahman got busy with certain prior commitments and wasn’t able to join the team,” he says. 


Though he has won the Oscar for Best Sound Mixing for the film Slumdog Millionaire, Pookutty says that such awards don’t really affect him. “But they make you feel nice,” he says.


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