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I’m a huge fan of Irrfan: Spidey director


The Amazing Spider-Man director, Marc Webb has turned a fan of actor Irrfan. While Irrfan has maintained that his role in the big-ticket Hollywood release is short, Webb claims that his role in the Spidey flick is a commanding one. “I’m a huge fan of Irrfan. He plays Dr Ratha, a very sophisticated scientist. He is Dr Curt Connors’ (The Lizard’s) boss. He has a job to do and he works for Norman Osborn (in his company Oscorp) and is very emphatic in his agenda. To me, Irrfan was the perfect choice for that,” Webb, 37, told us over the phone from Los Angeles.


Webb added that Irrfan’s screen presence was emphatic. Asked if his character was evil, he said, “I would not call his character a good guy or the bad guy ... he plays an important role in Conner’s transformation as The Lizard (the villain). Irrfan provides the pressure.”


Irrfan, on his part, has not spoken about his role, and underplayed its importance. “In Hollywood, they call it a pivotal role because it moves the story in some way, but I don’t think it’s very big,” he said recently. The movie opens in India on June 29, four days before it hits US.


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