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Fashion faux pas: Bollywood divas too lazy to remove shoe labels?


Madhuri Dixit looked every inch a perfect diva at an event in Mumbai this Saturday. But for a ‘minor’ oversight — the sticker-label stuck on the bottom of her hopefully-new sandals.


Last month, actor Parineeti Chopra gave us a fancy photoshoot, with the shoe label sticking out again as a sore thumb. Stylists say that these celebs are not alone, as not 

removing the price sticker from the bottom of the footwear is one of the most common fashion faux pas Indians commit.


“It is clearly one of the often neglected and most frequently committed fashion blunders in India. But when a celebrity makes it, it shows carelessness, not just on their part but also on that of the stylist responsible for their look,” says stylist Mahima Shukla. 


“With brands like Christian Louboutin where the whole focus is on the red soles, these stickers can look really tacky,” she adds.


“Celebrities should be meticulous about small things and always double check their look before stepping out,” says stylist Vikram Seth. A possible reason could also be bad-quality stickers, points out stylist Nisha Khundnani. 


“In India, brands pay little attention to the quality of stickers. They just don’t come off,” she says.


While Madhuri was not available for a comment on the faux pas that made it to the fashion blogs, her manager Rakesh ‘Rikku’ Nath had an interesting explanation to offer. 


“Madhuri was wearing her old sandals that couldn’t have had the label. A sticker lying on the road must have got stuck to her sandal,” he says.


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