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I’m shy, Shah Rukh’s not: Aamir Khan


Actor Aamir Khan tells his side of the story to critic Anupma Chopra Actor Aamir Khan admits to feeling low after getting exposed to the grim reality through his show Satyamev Jayate. He says, “Sometimes I feel completely shattered and depressed about how things are and how desperate the situation is and in such situations me and my team go into a complete low.


” He adds that they sometimes requires counselling to handle such strongly emotional situations. When asked about his take on the critiques of the show, Khan said, “The cynics of my show are a very small percentage of people, in fact small isn’t the adequate word, they are very minor percentage of people.”


Aamir is currently shooting for his negative role in Dhoom 3. He admits to being unfazed by his stardom and says, “When I look at Salman, Sanjay or for that matter Jackie walk in a party, I feel wow, this is a star entry.

I really don’t know how to enter a party, I just sneak in. Basically I’m very shy.” When told that actor Shahrukh Khan also admits to being shy, he says, “Shahrukh does make an entry, but I guess he’s not shy.” 


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