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Rio Earth Summit: Green goals, and why india sees red


The Rio-plus 20, a conference of around 200 nations in Rio de Janeiro, will be held from June 20 to 22. At the event, various countries will put their heads together to work out sustainable growth parameters. The summit covers


Two themes — the green economy in the context of sustainable development and institutional framework for sustainable development, and seven priority areas - decent jobs, sustainable cities, food security, sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster preparedness.


Sustainable development

Sustainable development means meeting current needs with an eye on the future. Can be met through green economy norms, with emphasis on economic progress as well as environmental protection.


Significance of meet

Globally, around 1.4 billion people are poor. By 2020, global population will grow from 7 billion to 9 billion but food production will not grow as fast. Natural sources for fossil fuels will dry up in 30 years, and climate change will reduce agricultural production.


Why now?

Realisation has dawned that the economic slowdown may actually compel countries to adopt sustainable growth models. It marks the 20th anniversary of its first Earth Summit at Rio in 1992.


India’s stand on upcoming summit

India says the agreement should be based on the original Rio principle of "equity" and "common but differentiated responsibility".


What are equity & CBDR

Equity means the right to growth, and eradication of poverty without any restrictions.  CBDR (common but differentiated responsibility) means everybody has to contribute to sustainable growth, but targets should be mandatory for rich nations and voluntary for countries that are still developing.


India’s objections

a) India says green economy norms are aimed at blunting India's "economic advantage", and sustainable development goals till 2030 infringe on its sovereignty.

b) New accounting norms impinge on India's domestic monitoring procedures

c)  The norms mean to introduce trade barriers in the name of sustainable growth

d) Promises made by rich nations at 1992 Rio meet yet to be fulfilled


Likely outcome

A political statement on growing in an environmentally sustainable manner.


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