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Intel team lured Tak back from Nepal


Parvez Iqbal Tak, the man who turned Frankenstein for Laila Khan and her family members, had fled to Nepal soon after he killed and buried the starlet and her family members at their farmhouse in Igatpuri. The wily criminal, who had an inkling of how police investigations would proceed, never used a cell phone after the murders. Instead, he communicated using internet telephony, and would talk only when he felt it was necessary, said sources.


Tak had no intention to return to India, but a lucrative offer of a plush project in Jammu & Kashmir lured him into the police trap, said a senior police officer who was instrumental in his arrest.


“When Tak’s name cropped up, we ran a detailed check and learnt that he had visited some districts in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab. We also found that he had duped Rs5 lakh of a businessman from Hoshiarpur in Punjab,” said the officer.


The businessman had delivered the money to Tak in Delhi, the officer said. Tak had used this money to find a safe house in Nepal after he learnt that police officials had found the Mitsubishi Outlander, which he had used to travel in after Khan’s murder.


A technical intelligence team then focused on Tak’s activities, and found that he only used voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to communicate. A team then posed as businessmen involved with a plush project in J&K, and asked him if he would be interested.


The proposal got Tak to communicate, and gave investigators an impression that he would buy the plot. To make the deal look real, the cops played hard to get, and told him to call after three days, said police sources.


During the next communication, Tak fixed the day and time of his arrival in J&K, and was later arrested.


But Tak did not budge even after his arrest, and fed police officials fabricated stories. It was only after he was threatened of the worst possible methods in custodial interrogation, none of which was used on him, did Tak spill the beans.


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