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Pakistan offers alternative to drones


Pakistan has offered the US a new mechanism encompassing 'surveillance' of targeted operations against wanted militants as an alternative to drone strikes in the country's tribal regions.


The plan, as crafted by Islamabad, involves both the identification of targets by the CIA in the tribal areas and swapping of information with the Pakistani security agencies, reports The Express Tribune.

The Pakistani security agencies will then deal with the situation accordingly, officials said.


"To ensure that Pakistan acts on the information provided by the CIA, the US can use any mechanism to monitor our operation on the ground," revealed a senior figure of the country's security establishment.


"They (US) can even use drones for this purpose," the official added. However, he clarified that no foreign forces would be allowed for surveillance.


The idea also seeks to dispel the growing perception in Washington that Islamabad is playing a 'double game' in the war on terror, he added.


The official said Pakistan expects a breakthrough in its ongoing negotiations with the US on finding a "mutually acceptable" alternative to the CIA-piloted drone campaign.


The reason was a tacit understanding between Pakistan and the US to use pilotless drones.


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